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Dr. Bruce Stratt, MD is a Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor in Boca Raton who is Licensed to Prescribe all Forms of Medical Cannabis, including Smokable Flower under Florida Law.

Our clinic will help you determine if you are eligible for medical cannabis.

Once evaluated by the doctor and deemed eligible you will be able to get your patient ID card and purchase medical marijuana from an approved dispensary.


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LifeBoost makes it easy for qualified patients to get medical marijuana in Boca Raton. By following strict accordance with Florida law, LifeBoost encourages patients and/or families to educate themselves not only about the benefits of medical marijuana and it’s components such as CBD but we also encourage patients to understand if they are eligible to become approved as a Boca Raton medical marijuana patient.

I believe that cannabis is a safer and more effective treatment than many existing and habit forming medications

– Dr. Bruce Stratt, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card under current Florida law, you must be suffering from one of the following debilitating diseases or similar condition as determined by Dr. Stratt. You are welcome to schedule a consultation with our medical marijuana doctor to verify that your medical condition is indeed qualifications for a medical cannabis card.

• You will be required to provide a valid driver’s license or state identification card from Florida. At this time, the only forms of identification that we can accept must be issued by the state of Florida. If your driver’s license or Florida state identification card has expired, we can also accept your valid passport and a Florida DMV receipt where you have applied to purchase a replacement or renewal license/ID card.

• Some form of medical documentation will be required for the evaluation of new patients. You can provide such things as MRI, X-rays, prescriptions, medications, or a current letter from your primary physician or specialist. We have to prove that you have been diagnosed with a medical condition and are currently under a physician’s care.

• We must have your previous original recommendation if you are renewing your medical marijuana card from another physician. It has to be the original document with the physician’s signature—it cannot be a photocopy or fax. The current recommendation must have been written within the past 30 days.

We keep all patient medical records in the strictest confidentiality. No employers, government agency, or insurance companies get reports or patient lists from our clinic. Your status as a medical marijuana patient is secure from other people’s knowledge. Any background check for you will not include information about your medical marijuana status. Strick confidentiality for each one of our patients is our top priority.

If your employer has a drug testing at work policy, they have the legal right to terminate you if you are found positive for marijuana use. It does not matter if you use it for medicinal purposes. There are some employers who will accept valid medical recommendations and will excuse these patients. If in doubt, you should discuss the policies with your boss or company Human Resources. Employers are not obligated to continue a medical marijuana patient’s employment—even if he or she has a card issued from the state of Florida.

There are two types of medical cannabis products that are available to registered medical marijuana patients. The Low THC and High THC variety. Florida Amendment 2 was passed to regulate marijuana’s qualified and compassionate use. Patients can use some of the many forms of medical marijuana; however, it is still illegal to smoke it under Florida law.

You must be certified by a medical marijuana doctor who has treated and examined you for at least 90 days. After Dr. Stratt has certified that you have an eligible diagnosis per Florida law, he can prescribe a dosage of medical cannabis and how it should be administered. Your name will be entered into the Compassionate Use Registry, as well as your prescription. This list is maintained by the University of Florida Database. Either you or your caregiver can receive your prescribed medication from an official Florida dispensary.

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