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Platelets are the blood cells commonly associated with the clotting process. However, these cells also contain growth factors that when isolated, promote healing by generating new cell growth. Platelet rich plasma is the blood component that harbors these beneficial compounds.

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How Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments Work

Physicians have used the technique since the 1970s to speed the healing process in various parts of the body following injury or surgical procedures. In the realm of cosmetic enhancement, platelet rich plasma therapy provides a minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures.

The process begins by drawing approximately two teaspoons of the patient’s blood into a sterile test tube. The blood then undergoes separation via a centrifuge, which spins at a high revolution. The spinning action separates red blood cells from the plasma, which contains a condensed amount of platelets. Calcium chloride solution is then combined with the plasma to activate the growth factors. Once injected, the solution softens wrinkles and smooths texture and tone by encouraging new cell growth.

Vampire Facelift

During the natural aging process, skin color fades, collagen and muscle tissue diminish. Areas around the face droop or sag. Fine lines and wrinkles appear. Injecting platelet rich plasma provides a more youthful appearance without the trauma and recuperation time of conventional surgery. The treatment plumps underlying tissues, restores a healthy blood supply and encourages existing stem cells to reproduce collagen and fat cells.

Vampire Facial

The facial treatment is similar to the facelift. However, the technique only requires microneedling of the platelet rich plasma without any facial injections. The effects gradually progress over the course of a few months and last for up to two years.

Vampire Breast Lift

Breastfeeding and the normal aging process commonly cause breast sagging. Platelet rich plasma treatment augments breast tissue by lifting and filling out the breast while restoring sensation. Following treatment, the skin appears smoother, breasts become firmer and more rounded. The nipple area rises and becomes more sensitive.

Hair Restoration

Hair thinning and loss affects can have damaging effects on men and women’s self-esteem. Depending on the amount of hair loss, some may use topical prescription medications to stimulate hair growth. Others may resort to more drastic measures that include hair plug transplantation. However, platelet rich plasma therapy improves follicle health by restoring natural blood flow. The procedure takes approximately one hour, and the results are permanent.

PRP Acne Scar Treatment

PRP has been taking the dermatology field by storm every since it’s discovered benefit in facial aesthetics. Acne scars plague many teenagers and adults throughout the nation leading to diminished self esteem, social isolation, and can affect your general outlook on life. PRP helps to build new collagen to tissue to fill in and naturally heal acne scars. PRP for acne scars is an all natural and safe treatment with no downtime.


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