Average vs Optimal Testosterone Levels of Males

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January 15, 2017
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Average vs Optimal Testosterone Levels of Males

If you’ve been feeling worn down, not like the you you once were, it might be time to start thinking about why. As your body ages, as inevitably it does, change seems irreversible. Those changes just aren’t ever for the better, are they? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “No!”

Could it be low testosterone?

The hormone testosterone affects the body in a number different ways. Less than adequate testosterone means your quality of life suffers in the areas of restorative sleep, muscle mass, libido, hair growth, motivation, and even mood. The phrase, “grumpy old men” is testament to this sadly accepted social norm. But when these issues stem from insufficient testosterone, you need not suffer without hope.

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To get a better understanding of how testosterone works in the body, it’s helpful to be familiar with the three different types.

  • free testosterone
  • albumin testosterone
  • SHBG-bound testosterone (SHBG stands for sex hormone bound globulin)

So do I have enough or what?

Testosterone levels can be a bit tricky to calculate. Diagnosing low testosterone requires careful interpretation of lab results. Free and albumin bound testosterone are active in the body, while SHBG-bound is not. Accepted levels can be somewhat arbitrary when it comes to what is considered sufficient vs what is optimal. Labs often have different standards, as well, further adding to the confusion. Then there’s the matter of whether or not the testosterone is bioavailable. Total testosterone simply measures how much your body has in circulation at any given time. The kicker here is that an estimated 40%-70% of total testosterone is so securely bound to the protein SHBG that it is unavailable to the body. “SHBG is the joker in the deck,” says Dr. Morgentaler, director of Men’s Health Boston. “High levels in a man can make his total testosterone appear perfectly normal even though he has every symptom in the book, and his tissues are truly deficient in testosterone.”

Average or Optimal Testosterone Levels

No one wants to barely get by. Having just enough of this important hormone to not be considered deficient is no way to live. To function at peak performance, it’s true that you may need more than the average level of testosterone. Levels decrease as you get older, so if you’re over 35 and your total testosterone level is 400 ng/dl, you’re running on less than half of what you likely had in your 20s. Doubling those numbers will contribute to increased stamina, enhanced cardiovascular health, better rest, sharper focus, and the many benefits of sexual virility.

Studies show that optimum levels of testosterone are best felt symptomatically. Discovering the ideal level for an individual calls for expert testing and attentive hormone therapy like the services offered by LifeBoost.

You have everything to gain. To experience increased well-being, sexual endurance, and more, contact LifeBoost today.


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