Will Testosterone Therapy Increase Your Cognitive Function?

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Will Testosterone Therapy Increase Your Cognitive Function?

One popular topic amongst adults in mid-life is marveling at their former energetic, youthful and driven selves. If you have ever stood around a cocktail table gabbing about how you regularly pulled all-nighters in college or memorized and recited columns of statistics in your early professional years, you are not alone.

While much media attention is given to the physical side effects of low testosterone levels, far less coverage focuses on the equally distressing mental side effects. In particular, research has highlighted a link between decreased testosterone production and a decrease in cognitive performance.

It is doubly concerning that these changes often begin in mid-life, just when you have worked so hard to gain momentum and recognition in your career. This is the time when you need your mind to be functioning at its best. So it can often feel like both body and mind are letting you down.

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Your Brain on Insufficient Testosterone

Over the last decade, numerous research studies have demonstrated a connection between testosterone levels in men and brain health. Specifically, decreasing cognitive function and onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to decreasing testosterone production for both men and women.

Cognitive side effects from insufficient testosterone can range from poor brain function to low self-esteem, physical exhaustion to mental confusion. Mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and depression are also commonly seen.

Physical side effects can be equally disturbing, ranging from weight gain and loss of muscle tone to low libido and pain during intercourse. It can seem mind-boggling that one hormone is in charge of so many body and mind functions, but a short course in hormone replacement therapy makes for convincing proof.

Restore Health to Body and Mind with Hormone Therapy

If there is one lesson that medical science has learned well, it is this: the key to health is balance. Balance in eating, balance in resting, balance in exercise and balance in thinking are all critical to keeping the immune system strong and stress levels manageable.

In the same way, both body and mind need regular, balanced hormone levels to function at their best. Testosterone Therapy for Men at LifeBoost is in Boca Raton can get your Low T under control. As the aging endocrine system begins to produce less of the necessary hormones, both body and mind suffer from the lack.

Here, it just makes sense to seek out medical support to assess your personal hormone levels and remedy them as needed. Hormone testing can give you insight into how declining hormone production is driving unwelcome side effects such as mood changes, mental fog, low libido, declining energy levels, weight gain, reduction in muscle mass and depression, among others.

Once you understand what has changed with your body’s internal hormone production, it is possible to boost your hormone levels by taking a course of bio-identical hormone therapy. This therapy will restore balance to your body’s hormones and alleviate issues with mood, cognitive performance, libido, fitness and overall health.

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