Testosterone Pellets vs. Creams and Injections

A man’s testosterone level naturally drops with age. Low testosterone levels can cause mood changes, low energy levels, a decrease in libido, and other physical symptoms. At LifeBoost, we offer several different forms of testosterone therapy that can be customized to your individual needs.

Testosterone Pellets:

This form of testosterone therapy involves implanting small pellets through a tiny incision in the buttock. The primary advantage of pellets is that they release a steady stream of testosterone that adjusts according to the needs of the body.

For example, as your heart rate increases during times of stress or intense physical activity, the increased blood flow across the pellets will release slightly more testosterone into your system to meet the increased demand.

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This form of hormone therapy is also very convenient. The majority of patients only have to come in for pellets every four or five months.

Testosterone Gels and Creams:

Another popular form of bioidentical hormone therapy involves using gels and creams. The primary drawback of this method is the risk of transference. The gel or cream can easily rub off on family members, pets, or anything else that you may touch.

This can lead to unintended side effects in other family members. For example, a woman coming in contact with the cream may initially experience a burst of energy and increased libido; however, as the months go by they may also see an increase in unwanted facial hair.

It can also be difficult to determine if you are getting the most therapeutic dose since it can be hard to measure levels through blood tests. Gels and creams also have to be applied once to twice a day, which many patients find inconvenient.

Injectable Testosterone:

Testosterone injections come in several different forms of varying long-lasting duration. Depending on the form of testosterone and the individual’s needs, injections may be required as little as once a month or as often as every two weeks.

Testosterone esters must be metabolized by the liver in order for the testosterone to be activated; therefore, injections may not be appropriate for individuals with impaired liver function.

With injections you are able to control the precise amount of testosterone and the timing of administration although individuals receiving testosterone injections are also more likely to experience peaks and valleys in their levels.

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