How To Treat Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a kind of orthopedic condition that is common among tennis players, hence the name. This type of musculoskeletal problem, however, does not only happen to athletes playing tennis. It can happen to anyone whose work and or activities have the tendency to overwork the arms, especially the forearms and the wrist. Pain associated to tennis elbow ranges from mild to severe.

In mild to moderate cases of tennis, pain medications would usually work, But in severe cases, the orthopedic doctors would usually require surgery. Other than pharmacologic and surgical medical interventions, there is another type of treatment can greatly help individuals who are diagnosed with tennis elbow and it is called PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy.

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LifeBoost Knows How To Treat Tennis Elbow In Boca Raton with High Efficacy Rate

Tennis elbow, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and some other musculoskeletal problems can be managed safely and effectively with the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment. LifeBoost takes pride in being one of the health and wellness centers that offers this kind of treatment. Dr. Bruce J. Stratt, the medical director of the clinic makes sure that their procedures are both safe and effective.

PRP is not only used in treating tennis elbow, but it is also a modality of treatment for sexual functioning problems as well as in aesthetics medicine. LifeBoost continues to hold a good reputation in health and wellness. They have got the best employees who always possess knowledge, skills and right attitude especially when they are educating their patients how to treat tennis elbow.

Fast Healing and Recovery for Orthopedic Cases

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a treatment that makes use of the patient’s own blood to generate the platelet-filled plasma portion of the blood through centrifuge spinning. This treatment speeds up the healing and recovery process of the body if there are any injured parts. If you’re wondering how to treat tennis elbow, LifeBoost’s PRP treatment is what you’re looking for.


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