Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Hot flashes, weight gain that cannot be controlled by exercise and proper diet, decreased sexual appetite and energy – these are just some of the many signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance. Individuals experiencing these signs and symptoms should never hesitate to go to a doctor and inquire about hrt therapy to address the bothersome effects of hormonal imbalance.

A lot of people worldwide are getting hormone replacement therapy to better manage their symptoms of hormone imbalance. Aside from its high efficacy rate, bio identical hormone replacement is a safer choice in comparison to synthetic hormone replacement treatment. Studies have linked the latter (synthetic hormone replacement) to breast cancer and cardiovascular illnesses.

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Recognizing The Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

There are many different hormones, and they each serve their own purpose. Hormones are responsible for metabolism, sex drive, skin quality, weight gain/loss and much more. If our hormones are thrown off balance, it can have a profoundly negative effect on our well-being.

The symptoms of a hormone imbalance are hard to miss. Mood swings and depression are common symptoms of a hormone imbalance as well as insomnia and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can delay hormonal changes but It is important to recognize the symptoms of hormonal imbalance before they progress.

  1. Progesterone – often called ‘the calming hormone,’ is a hormone that is produced by both sexes, but mostly women.
    • Anxiety – Lower-than-normal progesterone levels can make us feel overwhelmed and stressed. When your body is stressed, it produces cortisol (a steroid) to keep up with that stress. While your body is busy making all of this cortisol, it’s making less progesterone, which makes the symptoms of your anxiety even worse.
    • Weaker bones – Low levels of progesterone can lead to complications like bone fractures or, eventually, osteoporosis. Progesterone contributes to bone formation by binding to the cells that are responsible for bone production. This bond encourages those cells to produce and maintain strong bones
  2. Estrogen – is also produced by both sexes (more in women than men), and is often called ‘the raging hormone’ because of the way it affects our mood.
    • Depression – Decreased estrogen levels can result in depression and low self-esteem.
      Why? Estrogen is responsible for encouraging the production of endorphins (also known as the “feel good” chemicals) in the brain.
    • Decreased bone density – Below average estrogen levels can cause more fragile, brittle bones. Estrogen helps maintain bone density by encouraging the constant building and remodeling of bone.
  3. Testosterone – is produced by both sexes, but mostly by men, and is known as ‘the male sex hormone.’
    • Decreased sex drive – In either sex, low levels of testosterone can affect your sex drive. In men, it can also present difficulties when trying to achieve an erection. Testosterone helps to stimulate our sex drive. In men, it stimulates the production of nitric oxide (a molecule that helps trigger an erection).
    • Decreased muscle mass – People with low testosterone levels may notice a decrease in both muscle mass and overall strength. Testosterone has a plethora of functions in the body, such as its key role in the production and strengthening of muscle.

LifeBoost Offers The Best HRT Therapy

LifeBoost takes pride in offering the best hormone replacement therapy in Boca Raton. Dr. Bruce J. Stratt established the health and wellness center to cater the health needs of the people in Florida. In addition, Dr. Bruce Stratt has been specializing in the field of medicine that focuses on anti-aging, hormone replacement treatments, weight management and overall wellness.

At LifeBoost, all the clients are assured that they will receive excellent quality services. From the staff to the equipment used in every treatment procedure, everything is state of the art.

Treatment of Choice for Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a common health problem especially among individuals who are undergoing the aging process. The treatment of choice recommended by most doctors is the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), a safe and effective treatment given at LifeBoost.


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