How HRT for Men Can Help You Lose Weight

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December 22, 2016
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January 15, 2017
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How HRT for Men Can Help You Lose Weight

As your age creeps upward, it often seems like your waistline creeps outward. For men in particular, these extra pounds often congregate around the midsection and simply will not move no matter how many push-ups you do.

Eating healthier doesn’t seem to do the trick, either, and it sure gets depressing turning down refreshing beer or tasty snacks only to still struggle to button your shirts.

But the good news is, this mid-life weight gain is probably not your fault. Rather, the blame lies at the door of your hormones. Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT for men, can help you regain your lost six-pack (at your waist and in your fridge).

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Where Weight and Testosterone Levels Intersect

The main “male” hormone is, of course, testosterone. Testosterone is what drives the development of mature sexual characteristics and it is also responsible for helping you stay strong and muscular.

But what many men don’t realize is that your body will produce less testosterone as you age. Furthermore, this gradual decrease in testosterone levels can start as early as age 25 or 30! And if you are battling your weight, this can cause testosterone levels to drop more quickly (this is also true for approximately three-quarters of men who are classified as obese, regardless of age).

As your body produces less testosterone and your formerly lean muscle mass is converted to fat cells congregating in your abdominal area, these new cells send a message to your body to begin converting the testosterone that remains into estrogen. Now things may seem to go from bad to worse as you start to struggle to get good sleep, maintain an even mood, stay healthy and fight off that dreaded condition by men everywhere – the development of “man boobs.”

HRT Equals a Return to Masculinity & Sanity

Clearly, what is needed here is more testosterone, ASAP. But since your body is no longer making sufficient quantities to maintain its former levels of lean muscle mass, where are you going to get the testosterone you need?

The answer comes from a somewhat surprising place – hormone replacement therapy. With HRT, your body is able to immediately receive the much-needed extra infusions of testosterone.

As a side benefit, HRT is also a great benefit to libido, hair growth, muscle tone, positive mood and overall health.

The bottom line is, there is no need to suffer without recourse through the natural decline of your body’s own internal ability to manufacture testosterone. You don’t need to struggle at the gym without success or give up your favorite “treat” foods in service to a losing battle with your waistline.

Hormone therapy can give your body what it can no longer give itself – even, stable, sufficient reserves of testosterone to keep you looking and feeling at your best at any age and stage in life.

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