How Hormone Pellet Treatment Can Help You

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April 18, 2015
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How Hormone Pellet Treatment Can Help You

Hormones are chemicals that are naturally produced inside your body. They are responsible for many things, but they primarily control different processes that you need to stay healthy and normal. The level of hormones in your body can start to drop or fall out of balance as you age. Some injuries and diseases can also affect your hormone levels, and you could start to have problems because of the low hormone levels. This is why hormone replacement therapies exist.

At LifeBoost in Boca Raton, we offer Hormone Pellet Treatment to help you get back to feeling your best. The process is quick and easy, and can be done right in our office. Contact LifeBoost today to see how you can benefit from Hormone Pellet Treatment.

Bioidentical Hormones and Your Body

If you need hormone replacement therapy, then you can choose between two types of hormones. Many pills and injections use synthetic hormones. Synthetics are basically chemicals that act like hormones, but they are not the same as the hormones your body makes naturally. Bioidentical hormones are the opposite. Bioidentical hormones are made from plants, and are safe and effective. They match the natural hormones your body produces, and they have few side effects because they match what your body normally creates.

Understanding Hormone Pellets

Hormone pellets are small tablets that can be inserted under your skin. The pellets release a consistent stream of the hormones you need into your blood. This allows your body to adjust naturally to the correct levels of hormones to keep you happy and healthy. This is very different from taking hormone pills and injections. If you take hormone pills, then the levels of hormones in your body will drop over time. They will then spike right after you take the pill, and that can cause many problems. Hormone pellets deliver the same steady amount during every hour of the day for a more steady treatment.

How the Treatment Works

Hormone pellet treatment starts by placing the small tablet under your skin. This is not a major operation, but can be inserted in a doctor’s office or a clinic. The procedure is not painful. The hormone pellet will slowly dissolve under your skin, and can last anywhere from three to six months. After the pellet completely dissolves, it is replaced by another one.

The Benefits of Hormone Pellet Treatment

Hormone pellet treatment can quickly start to reverse the negative effects of low hormone levels. You will start to have more energy during the day, it will become easier to sleep at night, and your mood could stabilize so that you have fewer problems with depression, anxiety and irritability. Hormone pellet treatments can allow you to think faster and more clearly. The pellets can even help with sexual issues resulting from low hormone levels. These are all benefits that you will see as long as you are undergoing treatment.

Other Health Benefits

Hormone pellet treatment can actually improve your overall health. It can protect you against different diseases, and help to prevent loss of bone density, dementia and certain types of cancer. Your increased energy levels will make it easier to move and exercise. This will increase your metabolism so that you feel younger and more vigorous. Hormone pellet therapy can improve your quality of life in many ways.

Contact LifeBoost today to see if Hormone Pellet Treatment is right for you.

Bruce Stratt, MD
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