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Dracula’s PRP Vampire Facelift

Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the most popular costumes is bound to be the vampire. One of the reasons we love stories of vampires so much is because they have unlocked the secret to eternal life, youth and beauty. The good news is that the PRP Vampire Facelift means that you don’t have to go looking for a good-looking undead being to bite you on the neck. Our technology means that even mere mortals can turn back the clock and look younger without having to undergo surgery.

Aging takes its toll on everyone eventually and causes a few typical changes to the face. The texture and color of the skin loses its elasticity and healthy color while the muscles and collagen break down and leave the features less defined. The Vampire Facelift uses blood to restore a person’s youthful appearance, but no fangs or biting is involved in this process. In fact, this is a quick procedure that takes around an hour, is safe and unlikely to have side effects, and is based on scientifically sound principles.

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The PRP Vampire Facelift works by taking blood from the client and isolating the platelets. Unlike vampires in stories, this procedure requires just a couple of teaspoons of the patient’s own blood. The PRP stands for platelet-rich plasmas, and it is these that do the healing work. The platelet-rich plasmas are injected into the client’s face just under the skin.

This causes the skin cells to activate as though there has been an injury, and the stem cells actually begin to generate new tissue. This includes new fat cells, new blood cells and new connective tissue.

The effects of the Vampire Facelift are not limited to how the skin looks. Some clients report that the skin actually feels younger as well. Vampires in movies and books may seem exciting and romantic, but we think the use of the platelet-rich plasma in the Vampire Facelift beats anything they could offer.

Clients report little pain associated with the procedure, and they are usually able to resume their normal activities afterwards. That means that you could have the Vampire Facelift done in the morning and be ready to take on the town as a vampire from legend later that night for Halloween. You might just find your friends and acquaintances looking at you a little more closely in your costume as well as wondering where exactly you found the secret to eternal life that has you looking so healthy and youthful.

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Bruce Stratt, MD
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