What Are the Results of the Priapus Shot?

Relationships are complex things with many moving parts. Some of those components will thrive while others may stagnate. While few relationships are perfect in every respect, the successful ones have more positive variables than negative ones. One important aspect is mutual sexual satisfaction, especially after the early years of a partnership. In fact, psychologists assert that a healthy sex life after the child-bearing years signals a strong overall bond between partners. Yet there are times—among men—when performance falls short of expectations. This can be cause for embarrassment and emotional distance. Fortunately, the Priapus shot provides results.

Named after the mythological Greek god of fertility, the Priapus shot was developed upon the success of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in reconstructive and restorative surgery. Central to the discovery was the fact that injection of PRPs generated new blood vessel tissue and—more importantly—stimulated blood flow in treated areas. Other positive results were no allergic reactions; a minimum of bruising; an absence of lumpiness and nodules; and the longevity of the injection effects. Further research raised the potential for PRP use as an antidote for nerve damage and constricted blood flow in the penis. Even in cases of prostate removal, this treatment demonstrates effective regeneration of firmness and sensation.

The Priapus shot is not like medicine that must accumulate in the body over time for effects to be felt and appreciated. In fact, the results of the Priapus Shot become apparent fairly quickly. In addition, one treatment can last for over a year, precluding repetitive and costly visits to a physician. Not only does the injection produce a larger penis, the erections themselves are stronger and more enduring. Even better, the Priapus shot restores nerve function (even in diabetics!), making sex more pleasurable and making men feel more vital and virile. Needless to say, men walk into the bedroom with renewed confidence after one injection.

Beyond its beneficial effect on sexual performance, the Priapus shot results in overall sexual health, as well. For example, sufferers of Peyronie’s Disease—a curvature of the penis that makes for painful erections—can find relief in this treatment. Often the result of trauma, the curvature reflects the presence of scar tissue. Indeed, the Priapus shot is a low-risk treatment that can help to reduce inflammation and increase the connective tissue thereby correcting the curve and realigning the member. Working in conjunction with Viagra or Cialis, the P-shot, as it is popularly known, also acts synergistically to consistently produce healthy erections.

Platelet-rich plasma is produced by the body. Consequently, there are few detrimental reactions to its injection. Plus, it begins working immediately and noticeably. Given the enormous (pardon the pun!) gains yielded by the Priapus shot, the research backing its efficacy and the testimonies praising its results, men do well to consider it as a means to better sex and closer relationships. LifeBoost of Boca Raton and Dr. Bruce J. Stratt offer expert consultations, and are well-trained in this cutting edge procedure that actually gets results! Call (561) 922-9967 for an appointment today.


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