Will the Priapus Shot Improve Your Sex Life?

Throughout our lives, sexual drive and performance can fluctuate due to changes in our health, stress levels and relationships. This is especially common during the aging process when lower hormones may make it harder to get an erection or relaxing muscles may make it more difficult to maintain an erection. Often, we tend to think that problems in our sex life are due to emotions, yet many of the most frequently reported sexual health issues have a physical cause that can be corrected with treatment. If you are wondering if the Priapus shot can enhance your sex life, then here are a few things to consider.

How important is sexual activity in a healthy relationship?

A sexual relationship is often what defines the difference between a close friend and a lover. For many couples, a satisfying sex life is the key to a healthy relationship. This is because sex relieves tension while also serving as an important outlet for expressing your love for one another. During sexual activity and an orgasm, your bodies also release hormones that can increase feelings of wellbeing while strengthening your bond. Although the amount of sex required to be happy will vary between each couple, it is well known that those who engage in sexual activity regularly tend to rate their happiness levels higher than couples that do not.

Are you frustrated with a lack of stamina, inability to please your
partner, and overall lack the performance you wish you had?

When you struggle with getting or maintaining an erection, it is normal to feel a wide range of emotions. Frustration that you cannot please your partner is normal, and you may grieve the loss of your former amount of stamina and performance. Your partner may ask if they are no longer attractive, and no amount of explaining is enough to allay their fears. Although it may be tempting to give up on your sex life altogether in an attempt to avoid the humiliation of yet another failed attempt at gaining an erection, it is important to know that there is hope for regaining your sexual abilities.

How can the P-shot help?

The P-Shot simply involves extracting platelets from your blood that can then be injected into the areas of your penis that are essential for sexual response. These platelets contain important signaling compounds known as cytokines or growth factors, and they can direct your body to begin healing areas of inflammation or injury. The benefits of a P-shot include the following:

  • Stimulate blood flow to the penis
  • Help with Peyronie’s disease which is when the curvature of a man’s penis causes pain or difficulty holding an erection
  • Strengthen an erection
  • Increase overall penis size
  • Improve self-confidence and sexual drive

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