What Causes Hair Loss In Men

The possibility of going bald starts at the age of 30 when statistically, you have 30% chance of losing your hair. As you approach that age, you should begin to take notice of how you take care of your hair and think about hair replacement procedures.

But first of all, what causes hair loss in men in the first place?

  • Stress – Fun fact: for every minute that you are angry, you lose about strands of hair. Keep this in mind the next time you stress about work, study or relationships. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, take a deep breath and think hard if it is worth losing your hair.
  • Nutrition – The kind of food you eat affects the condition of your hair. You need to realize that every inch of our body is affected by what is in our bloodstream, including our hair. Begin to eat nutritious food and take supplements also. Avoid processed, fried and genetically modified food.

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  • Hormonal imbalance – Though it may be tough to avoid hormonal imbalance, there are many ways to manage the situation. You can cut down your caffeine and alcohol intake, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and more.


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