Vampire Facial

What is The Vampire Facial?

The Vampire Facial is a non-surgical procedure using platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy to create a more youthful appearance. The patient’s own blood is used with this technique, resulting in removal of wrinkles and promoting vibrant skin tone and texture. The Vampire Facial was developed and trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels in 2010. Dr. Stratt trained personally with Dr. Runels to be able to provide this procedure to our patients.

What does having a Vampire Facial involve?

Vampire Facials use PRP treatments developed from the patient’s own blood. Prior to starting the procedure, a small amount of blood is withdrawn from a vein in the patient’s arm. The blood is placed in a centrifuge that separates the platelet rich plasma protein from the other components. Once the platelets are activated, they are injected into the patient’s face using a micro needling technique. The procedure does not take a lot of time. There may be some areas of the facial skin that bleed minimally during the procedure from the micro needling. Recovery time is extremely minimal and usually involves some reddening of the skin.

How does PRP work?

Platelet rich plasma treatments have been around for a while. It was first developed in the 1970’s for use in the medical field. Platelet rich plasma was used to help speed healing following injury or surgical procedures. PRP contains different types of growth factors. When these growth factors are activated with calcium chloride and injected in the body, they stimulate stem cells to grow new blood vessels, tissue and collagen.

How does Micro Needling help rejuvenate facial skin?

Micro Needling involves the use of a device, such as a Dermapen, containing a grouping of tiny needles similar in size to acupuncture needles. The device is used to prick the skin and stimulate the body’s natural healing process. With the Vampire Facial, PRP is also placed on the skin during the micro needling so that it is injected into the skin, doubling the stimulation. Stem cells are stimulated to grow new blood vessels and collagen. This creates a more youthful flushing of the skin with improved circulation and wrinkles are smoothed out with the new influx of collagen production.

How is the Vampire Facial different from the Vampire Facelift?

While similar to the Vampire Facelift, the Vampire Facial does not include any fillers or injections of PRP under the the skin. The procedure does not take as long or cost as much.

How long will the benefits of my Vampire Facial last?

You will see continual improvement for up to three months after receiving a Vampire Facial. And the benefits last up to two years!

Benefits of a Vampire Facial:

  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Erasure of wrinkles
  • Improved skin color
  • Fading or reduction of scarring
  • Lessened skin folds
  • Rejuvenation of your complexion
  • Improvement of facial skin blood flow
  • More affordable than surgery
  • No side effects
  • No down time
  • May still use other facial rejuvenation products at the same time


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