The P-Shot: Frequently Asked Questions

Some men report an increase in length of the penis after the procedure. Almost all men have some increase in girth, and these increases are due to the new tissue that is actually growing.

There’s no age restriction. We’ve done men as young as in their 30’s and we’ve done men well into their 70’s.

The procedure, similar to the o-shot is a procedure that should not take more than an hour. Most of that time is waiting for the blood to process and patient processing. The procedure itself is quick and relatively painless. We do use a numbing cream, we use anesthetic and patients walk right out after the procedure with no problem.

We’ve seen a number of men in our program who have erectile dysfunction problems due to surgery, particularly due to prostatectomy. Many of these men have tried other sexual enhancement drugs, some have responses, some have partial responses. We have found that the P-Shot enhances their responses and again we can couple with some new therapies to further enhance their erectile function.


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