Natural Facelift Procedure Using Your Own Blood

The last thing anyone wants is to look in the mirror only to find the first signs of aging. Yet, most people believe it is an inevitable fact of life. Still, they cannot help but notice how their eyes look sunken, the graying skin tones and the sagging skin here and there. Then they start the uphill battle to hide the dark smudges under their eyes and their thinning lips, but with limited success. Some people begin considering a surgical facelift, but there are some very real concerns and fears involved with such a procedure. To begin with, they aren’t sure a surgical facelift will reverse the signs of aging and dislike the idea of using unnatural products and fillers. That leaves many people with no choice but to resign themselves to the fact they are starting to show their age. What they may not realize is there is an option available to them, and one that is completely natural and quite successful – a natural facelift using PRP.

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Why Choose a Natural Facelift Using PRP?

A number of age fighting methods exist today, although what works beautifully for one person may not succeed as well for another individual. For example, quite a few people decide to try cosmetic surgery, or a surgical facelift. This is a great method for individuals with an excess of skin, which doctors remove to create a more youthful appearance. However, when the loss of facial shape rather than excess skin is the problem, cosmetic surgery won’t do the trick. A Natural Facelift, on the other hand, uses a method that sculpts the natural face shape regardless of excess skin or the lack thereof. More importantly, people don’t have to worry about facial shaping that is alien and ultimately changes their appearance.

Because a Natural Facelift uses completely natural methods, one doesn’t have to worry about problematic areas or reactions to unnatural fillers. Simply put, the procedure restores one’s natural face shape while improving skin texture and tone. The result is a younger, rejuvenated appearance that defies one’s age.

The Benefits of a Natural Facelift

A Natural Facelift works beautifully to reverse the signs of aging without the use of unnatural fillers or products. By doing so, the physician is able to sculpt the patience’s face in a way that is completely natural, removing concerns over unnatural or alien face shaping. The procedure also serves to rejuvenate people’s features, recapturing the healthy, rosy coloring they enjoyed in their youth and creating smooth skin that virtually glows. What happens beneath the surface is even more magical. By using this procedure, physicians are able to create new collagen, new fatty tissue and new blood vessels. In doing so, dark shadows beneath the eyes fade and sagging skin becomes tight, resulting in the youthful appearance so many people long to recapture. In other words, one can reverse the signs of time in a very short period without the fear of surgery or the use of unnatural fillers.

How a Natural Facelift Works

We here at LifeBoost do not use unnatural fillers, such as Restylane, HA or Juvederm. Instead, we use one’s blood (thus, the term “Platelet Rich Plasma”) to develop natural growth factors that will serve to rejuvenate one’s skin and promote a youthful appearance. The physician does this by using approximately two teaspoons of the patient’s blood to isolate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and activate a minimum of eight growth factors. This is where the magic begins.

When the active growth factors are injected into the patient’s face, using a particular procedure, they trick the multipotent stem cells into believing one is injured. This results in the multipotent stem cells creating new tissue, new blood vessels, new fatty tissue and new collagen to repair a nonexistent injury. In other words, the physician tricks one’s skin into rejuvenating itself, resulting in a naturally youthful appearance.

What to Expect During the PRP Procedure

A Natural Facelift is a relatively simple procedure that takes approximately one hour. The vast majority of that time is simply waiting while the platelets are extracted and the growth factors activated. The physician, however, will need to draw blood from the patient. The PRP doctor will perform injections under the facial skin as well as micro needling into the superficial skin layer to further enhance your results. Dr. Bruce Stratt, MD, who received training from the inventor of the procedure, Dr. Charles Runels, is certified to perform the PRP Facelift and will see to the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure.

Is a Natural Facelift Painful?

Understandably, people worry the procedure is painful. However, there is no reason for concern and our first priority is our patients’ comfort. For this reason, we apply a strong, topical, numbing cream to the patient’s skin, reducing any pain the patient may suffer. As such, the worst one can expect is a minor pins and needles sensation. Patients have stated that the sensation is more than tolerable and they didn’t experience any pain.

How Long Does a Natural Facelift Last?

One of the main concerns for anyone considering this procedure is how long a Natural Facelift lasts. In most cases, people will enjoy their new, youthful appearance for approximately one year. If one wishes, one can undergo additional treatments every six months. As this builds on the initial facelift procedure and collagen is already present, one can expect to extend the length of time a Natural Facelift will last.

How Soon Can I Resume My Normal Activities?

Very few people can afford significant downtime, thus worry about how long it will take for them to resume their normal daily activities, such as going to work. While patients may experience mild swelling and some redness after their Natural Facelift, there is almost no downtime. In fact, the redness and swelling are signs one’s immune system is attempting to repair the affected area and grow new tissue, as expected. In other words, one will soon look in the mirror to see the youthful appearance one hoped to find. Call us at (561) 922–9967 and we’ll set up an appointment for you today.


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