Testosterone Therapy & Prostate Cancer

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Testosterone Therapy & Prostate Cancer

Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer

For years, people have feared that individuals who undergo testosterone replacement therapy might have a heightened risk of developing prostate cancer. However, a new study recently revealed that, not only is there no such connection, but that individuals who undergo testosterone therapy actually have a decreased risk of mortality rates from prostate cancer.

Where Did this Myth Originate?

This mistaken belief originated as a result of a study conducted in the 1940s by a Chicago-based urologist named Charles Huggins. While Huggins eventually went on to become a Nobel Prize winner for his research regarding the prostate, several of his findings have turned out to be false over the years. The supposed link between prostate cancer and testosterone replacement therapy, for example, was only ever tenuous at best. However, it remained unquestioned until very recently.

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New Research into Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When researchers in Los Angeles at the David Geffen School of Medicine began to look into the statistics regarding this link, the truth came out. These researchers studied more than 100,000 cases of men with prostate cancer. Their studies revealed that among the men who had undergone testosterone replacement therapy once they’d received their diagnosis, there was a substantially lower mortality rate than that of the men who didn’t receive this therapy.

How LifeBoost of Boca Raton Can Help Men with Low Testosterone

Proper testosterone levels are essential for any healthy man. When testosterone levels are too low, an individual will experience many health issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Decreased energy levels
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Decreased appetite
  • A lower libido

These symptoms not only affect men’s health, they intrude into every aspect of life, from their happiness at home to their success in the office. There’s no reason that anybody should have to deal with the host of negative side effects that are linked to low testosterone. That’s why we at LifeBoost pride ourselves on offering testosterone replacement therapy that helps men overcome these symptoms and regain their health and vigor for life.

We offer individualized treatment for all men who can benefit from this form of therapy. Our educational approach to hormone therapy ensures that every patient not only gets the exact treatment that they need, but that each patient understands the process we’re taking to get their hormones back in balance, and their lives back the way they desire.

Don’t suffer with the symptoms of low testosterone for another day. Contact LifeBoost for a consultation, and start down the path to a better, renewed you!

Bruce Stratt, MD
Our goal at LifeBoost is to raise our clients’ awareness of what true health and well-being is – physically, mentally and emotionally; and then help them attain this level of health for a lifetime.