Flublok® Technology Could Solve the Problem of Ineffective Flu Vaccines

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Flublok® Technology Could Solve the Problem of Ineffective Flu Vaccines

By: PR Newswire

Protein Science


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently warned that flu vaccines may be ineffective this season because a new strain of H3N2 influenza virus is circulating that is not included in this year’s vaccines.  The technology used to make Protein Sciences’  Flublok influenza vaccine could be the solution.

“A drift in influenza virus strain can effectively be addressed by a strong antibody response,” said Protein Sciences’ President and CEO Dr. Manon Cox.  “Flublok contains 3x more antigen than traditional trivalent flu vaccines and induces a stronger antibody response against the influenza A viruses and a comparable response against influenza B viruses.  The H3N2 virus is an influenza A virus and therefore we expect similar results to those observed in our 2007/08 clinical study where Flublok was effective against drifted H3N2 viruses.”

The manufacturing process for Flublok is significantly faster than egg-based methods and provides an exact match to circulating flu strains unlike traditional manufacturing that changes a virus as it is passaged in eggs.

Dr. Cox added, “If the government deemed it necessary, we could begin manufacturing an H3N2 vaccine that matches the new circulating flu virus immediately and have it ready for release within a few months.”

Flublok is still available this season for those seeking the vaccine.  Influenza typically peaks in February and the CDC advises that people protect themselves by getting vaccinated.  Flublok is FDA approved for all adults 18 and older and is fully reimbursed by Medicare and other insurances.

Healthcare professionals wanting to order Flublok should contact FFF Enterprises at 800-843-7477 or online atwww.myfluvaccine.com.

About Protein Sciences 

Protein Sciences specializes in vaccine development and protein production.   Our mission is our inspiration: to save lives and improve health through the creation of innovative vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.

Flublok, the world’s first recombinant protein-based vaccine for the prevention of seasonal influenza disease, was approved by FDA in January 2013.  Flublok is the only flu vaccine made in a 100% egg-free system using modern cell culture technology, making it unnecessary to use an infectious influenza virus or antibiotics in manufacturing.  Flublok is highly purified and does not contain any preservatives (e.g., thimerosal, a mercury derivative), egg proteins, gelatin or latex.  In addition, Flublok contains three times more antigen than traditional flu vaccines (3x45mcg hemagglutinin protein versus 3x15mcg hemagglutinin protein)*.   Flublok is a perfect copy of the virus coat and is not subject to the egg-adapted mutations associated with low vaccine effectiveness (see Skowronski et al. (2014) PLOS ONE 9(3), e92153).

Healthcare professionals can order Flublok by contacting FFF Enterprises at 800-843-7477.

Learn more at www.proteinsciences.com and www.flublok.com.

Flublok Safety Information

Flublok is approved for people 18 and older to prevent influenza disease.  The most common side effect from Flublok is pain at the site of injection. Headache, fatigue or muscle ache may occur.

Tell the doctor if you have ever experienced Guillain-Barre syndrome (severe muscle weakness) or have had a severe allergic reaction to any component of Flublok vaccine.

Vaccination with Flublok may not protect all individuals. Clinical effectiveness in adults 50 and older is based on the immune response elicited by Flublok and not on demonstration of decreased influenza disease.

Please see the complete Package Insert available at www.flublok.com or call 203-686-0800 for more information.

*Flublok demonstrated a higher antibody response to the A strains during 2 clinical trials in adults >50 years old.  The B strain antibody response was comparable to traditional trivalent vaccines.

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