Hair Loss in Young Men: How PRP Therapy Can Stimulate Regrowth

It Happens Even When We Don’t Want It To. Young men don’t expect to lose their hair at an early age, but it does happen. Early hair loss in young men can occur for many different reasons including genetics or stress. There could also be an underlying medical condition.

Whatever the reason, you can diminish the negative emotions often associated with early hair loss by consulting with Dr. Bruce Stratt, a PRP hair regrowth specialist.

What Is PRP?

PRP is a hair loss treatment that is an alternative to surgery. It’s a simple procedure that takes about an hour with little recovery time. PRP is natural, safe, and stimulates growth of your natural hair!

PRP: The Process

To begin the procedure, your blood is drawn to separate the platelet rich plasma from your red blood cells.

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Then, the doctor injects the PRP into your scalp where you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. It’s as simple as that – PRP uses materials from your own body to stimulate hair growth.

How PRP Can Stimulate Regrowth

Your blood contains growth factors that stimulate stem cell growth within your body. Separating your platelets from your red blood cells creates an injection that is enriched with these essential proteins and cytokines. Injecting PRP back into your scalp stimulates the hair follicles that are degenerating and causing the hair loss.

The result is thicker hair where it used to be thinning in a natural way that uses your own body’s resources. There are no drugs involved. PRP uses the same growth factors found in your blood that stimulates healing after suffering a wound.

More Than Hair Growth

Early hair loss can be traumatizing to a young man. Many young men are just beginning to define themselves during this stage in life. It’s a time of psychological and emotional self-discovery. Early hair loss can create extra strain on an already taxed psyche.

PRP does more than stimulate hair regrowth. It can provide a young man that is experiencing early hair loss with relief from the emotional turmoil that early hair loss may cause. PRP can give you the confidence of having a full head of hair.

Hair Loss Is Common

If you’re experiencing early hair loss, you may be picturing yourself looking like an older member of your family who has already lost his hair. This image doesn’t have to be a reality, not with PRP.

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In addition to not having to settle for early hair loss, you shouldn’t have to experience hair loss treatment marketing, either. Discussing hair loss treatment options with your physician should eliminate the feeling of “being sold a product”.

You should make a hair loss treatment decision that is right for you (considering all the information available, such as contributing factors). At LifeBoost we like to take an educational approach to help the patient decide whether PRP for hair loss is right for them.


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