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In the year 1918, 20 percent to 40 percent of the world’s population became ill from the flu, and 50 million people died as a result. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also says that tens of thousands of people die annually from the flu. A 2013 article posted on the Bloomberg News website noted that flu deaths in the U.S. rose past epidemic levels that year, to more than 36,000. Fortunately, an array of safe, effective flu vaccines appeared over the decades, including Flublok. First approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in early 2013, Flublok is an antibiotic-free, egg-free and latex-free influenza vaccine of a highly pure, natural state.

What is Flublok?

Flublok is a trivalent flu vaccine that is FDA approved for use in adults 18 years and older. Trivalent influenza vaccines protect against three flu viruses that are expected to circulate during a given flu season.

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Typically, trivalent recombinant vaccines for influenza are developed to protect against a single Type B and two Type A strains of the influenza virus. Each influenza vaccine varies from year to year in the specific flu strains it’s meant to protect against, and Flublok is no different.

Protein Sciences Corporation, a Meriden, Connecticut-based biotech company, worked long and hard to bring Flublok to the market. The company created a groundbreaking method for developing the vaccine that has since reduced the lead time for flu vaccine production to six to eight weeks. By contrast, traditionally produced influenza vaccines require much longer lead times to produce and the nation has been caught short of those vaccines in years past. Flu vaccine shortages invariably create increases in the number of people contracting this potentially deadly illness.

How is Flublok Made?

Flublok’s maker, Protein Sciences, took a novel approach to flu vaccine development and revolutionized the industry as a result. The innovative biotech company genetically modified a baculovirus, commonly found in invertebrates, and reproduced it in the cells of insects. Flublok is unique, in that it’s the only licensed flu vaccine that doesn’t rely on the use of influenza viruses or chicken eggs in any part of its manufacturing and production processes.

Purification-wise, Flublok far exceeds that of any other known flu vaccine. Because of Flublok’s high purification factor, it’s guaranteed to be free of ingredients such as thimerosal, formaldehyde, and gelatin base. Protein Sciences Corporation has stated that Flublok delivers at least three times the active ingredient found in more traditional flu vaccines. Studies conducted on Flublok also showed that its antibody response, or the number of antibodies it stimulates the body to produce in response to the flu, is exceptional. Flublok’s antibody production is especially impressive in dealing with Type A strains of influenza in adults 50 years of age or older. The vaccine’s Type B strain response is comparable to that found in more traditional flu vaccines.

Is Flublok Safe?

Numerous clinical studies have shown Flublok to be safe and effective for use in people at least 18 years of age and older. The FDA put this influenza vaccine through a range of rigorous clinical and field safety tests and approved it for use beginning in January 2013. Since then, physicians have given millions of doses of Flublok and many doctors stock up in anticipation of the flu season to come. Once introduced into the body, the vaccine provides protection against the three strains of flu experts believe will appear that season. Flublok’s shelf life is shorter in comparison to traditionally produced influenza vaccines, however, and it expires six months from its production date.

Benefits of Flublok

Flublok doesn’t utilize antibiotics and is also latex-free, eliminating the chance of allergic reactions in people sensitive to that material. The absence of antibiotics in Flublok also extinguishes the chance of resistance developing among the bacteria present in a vaccinated person’s body. Increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria is a growing worry among doctors and other public health experts. Flublok’s unique production process prevents bacteria from learning how to defeat antibiotics, in other words.

Flu vaccines have traditionally been produced using egg-based methods, which take a great deal of time and also prevent people with egg allergies from being vaccinated. Because Flublok production occurs relatively quickly, much more of it can be distributed before and during the influenza season. In the event of flu epidemic or vaccine shortage, Flublok production can also be markedly and rapidly increased in a short amount of time because it’s not dependent on the supply of eggs.

  • Highly pure – contains no egg protein, thimerosal (mercury) or latex.
  • Made without live influenza virus,  formaldehyde, or antibiotics
  • Contains three times the active ingredient in the traditional flu vaccine

Pregnancy and Flublok

In the past, being pregnant has sometimes meant that a woman would have to go unprotected from the flu due to the nature of egg-based influenza vaccines. However, pregnant women 18 years of age and older need have no worry about receiving Flublok, which is a pregnancy category B vaccine. Many studies have proven this egg-free flu vaccine safe during pregnancy.

Because Flublok isn’t itself made from a flu virus it also has absolutely no ability to cause the flu in those injected with it, something that worries many pregnant women. The FDA always recommends that nursing mothers use caution and consult with a physician before receiving any vaccination, including one to prevent the flu, however.

When Should I Receive Flublok?

Flu season runs from October to May, and most influenza cases occur from late December to early March. The CDC recommends that people should be vaccinated against influenza as soon as Flublok vaccine is available and, if possible, by October. CDC also says that it takes a person about two weeks to develop sufficient antibodies to provide protection against the flu.

Toxins in the Human Body

Toxins are believed to be a cause of illness and debility in the human body, including autoimmune diseases and even various cancers. Flublok is completely non-toxic and pure and has been proven highly effective in protecting against influenza. With so many people becoming sickened by the flu, it only makes sense to ask your physician to administer Flublok before flu season kicks off with a vengeance.

At LifeBoost we believe that exposure to toxins is a major source of today’s health problems. Toxins have been implicated in autoimmune disturbances, digestive health issues, allergies, chronic inflammatory conditions, hormonal disturbances, and cancers. We are proud to offer our patients Flublok, a modern, pure, nontoxic, and highly effective protection against a serious medical illness.


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