Chronic Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain is brought about by many possible causes. Fracture, arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis are just four out of the various possible reasons why a person experiences pain in his or her shoulders. NSAIDs and steroid injections are usually given to address the pain and the inflammation. The downside of pain medications, however, is that they hamper the inflammation process.

When there is already inflammation, for instance, after an injury, it only means that the body is responding to heal the damaged part of the body. When the inflammation process is impeded by taking NSAIDs, chances are big that the entire course of the healing process is also disturbed. This does not only hold true with chronic shoulder pain but in other orthopedic issues as well.

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LifeBoost Brings Safe & Effective Therapy to Chronic Shoulder Pain

LifeBoost proudly offers one of the safest and the most effective therapy for individuals who are suffering from shoulder pain Boca Raton and other orthopedic conditions. This treatment is called the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Dr. Bruce J. Stratt, the medical director of the clinic and other PRP-trained medical professionals are the ones who administer the procedure.

LifeBoost continues to render the best services to their clients for many years already. This is one of the reasons why the health and wellness center remains to be one of the trusted and most sought-after clinics in town. Other than having the best services and the most proficient employees, it makes use of high-tech equipment too. For clients who are experiencing chronic shoulder pain and other health concerns, they already know the best place to go.

Best Solution for Some Orthopedic Cases

When it comes to orthopedic cases such as shoulder pain, lower back pain and many others, one of the best solutions is the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. This procedure is done only by medical professionals certified to do the procedure like the ones at LifeBoost’s clinic.


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