Achilles Tendinitis Treatment In Boca Raton FL

The Achilles tendon links the muscles of the calf to the bone of the heels. This tendon is the one that is used during walking and running activities. Hence, this is also the tendon that is always subjected to tearing because of overuse. This orthopedic condition is referred to as Achilles Tendinitis which means inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Fortunately there are different medical interventions to treat Achilles Tendinitis Boca Raton.

Swelling of the Achilles tendon almost always results to these signs and symptoms: pain can be felt at the back of the foot, above the heel; swelling; tenderness; and stiffness. Exacerbation of these signs and symptoms is possible when immediate professional help is not sought. One of the effective non-pharmacologic and non-surgical treatments for Achilles Tendinitis Boca Raton is the PRP therapy.

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LifeBoost Offers Best Intervention for Achilles Tendinitis Boca Raton

LifeBoost offers various kinds of treatments for different types of health and wellness problems. These treatments include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), weight loss management and metabolic detoxification just to name a few. Apart from these services, they also have the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for Achilles Tendinitis Boca Raton as well as for other orthopedic cases.

Dr. Bruce J. Stratt is the man behind LifeBoost. As the medical director, he makes sure that all services are delivered efficiently and that all their patients receive warm accommodation from the staff members. The health and wellness center is an advocate for treatments that do not use medicines and other substances like the PRP therapy for Achilles Tendinitis Boca Raton.

Safe and Effective Medical Management

There are many ways to treat orthopedic problems. Most of the medical interventions involve the use of medications and some are surgical in nature. The Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy highly recommended by doctors is both non-pharmacologic and non-surgical. This treatment is available at LifeBoost health and wellness center.


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